Redefining what it means to be a good surfer

Tuckerman Ravine

With the ski season winding down, I started to think about what was next for me.  The idea of driving/surfing my way down to Panama and back was something I had

The Skillet

Leading up to closing weekend at Jackson Hole, some friends from my Samsara community let me know they were planning a big mission in the Tetons and invited me to

Eat Pray Love Ski: Stop 6

Montana was amazing, but the snow forecast was starting to look really good in Jackson so I decided to head back that way.  I tried to time it perfectly with

Eat Pray Love Ski: Stop 5

After a fun day skiing with Greg Hill, I was really torn about whether or not to stay in BC.  I absolutely love BC but the snow forecast was pretty

Eat Pray Love Ski: Stop 4

After spending over two weeks  in Jackson, I had to book it up to BC for a trip some friends and I planned back in September when I was still

Eat Pray Love Ski: Stop 3

After the Big Mountain Snow Safety course, I intended to keep driving North and spend some time in Montana.  But Jackson fully sucked me in.  I have some close friends

Big Mountain Snow Safety Course

I’ve always loved outdoor continuing education.  Water safety courses, avalanche safety courses, wildness first aid type courses, etc.  These courses have been instrumental in helping me develop and grow my