Redefining what it means to be a good surfer


Tuckerman Ravine

With the ski season winding down, I started to think about what was next for me.  The idea of driving/surfing my way down to Panama and back was something I had

The Skillet

Leading up to closing weekend at Jackson Hole, some friends from my Samsara community let me know they were planning a big mission in the Tetons and invited me to

Eat Pray Love Ski: Stop 6

Montana was amazing, but the snow forecast was starting to look really good in Jackson so I decided to head back that way.  I tried to time it perfectly with

Eat Pray Love Ski: Stop 5

After a fun day skiing with Greg Hill, I was really torn about whether or not to stay in BC.  I absolutely love BC but the snow forecast was pretty

A Winter Van Trip

My older brother Scott and I just got back from what was, at least for us, a pretty big trip.  It was our fourth annual winter van trip: three weeks,