Kiss from Katia

Hurricane Katia was a board breaker.  After a weekend of talking sustainable surfboards up at Grain, a green surfboard is also one that lasts.  Katia photos taken  9/8/11.
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7 Responses to Kiss from Katia

  1. Geoff Bott says:

    By “above” in my previous post I mean “below”. If I don’t hear back my best guess would be Montauk but I don’t know much about surf spots outside of Suffolk County.

  2. Geoff Bott says:

    Enjoyed very much. Even downloaded for future enjoyment. But please as “Ryan B” stated above we are very curious as to where these pictures were taken.

  3. Will Diamond says:

    I did not enjoy the photos.

  4. Eva Andrews says:

    Enjoyed the photos. Thanks

  5. johna says:

    I looooove all of these. The second one down is like a dream. Unreal.

  6. ryan b says:

    where were all these pictures taken?

    • haha, good luck says:

      Ryan B, pick it up now. Take a second, maybe take a lap, but think about it. Announcing locations on the internets is like taking a girl’s virginity: it may feel self righteous, and occasionally its appropriate, but then its open season for everyone else.

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