Redefining what it means to be a good surfer

Maiden Voyage Part 1: The Naming Ceremony

A brand new (used) boat.  A long weekend.  Our first real trip was about to get under way. We spent day one preparing for our trip, mapping the course, provisioning,

Family Vacation

A glimpse into the Fish family (and friends) summer vacation.

Local Adventure

Was heading up PCH Saturday morning as I saw a set roll through here.  I waited to see if another came.  It did.  I shot it, then hopped a fence

Surf is Swell Boat

Delivery mission complete.  Scott, Dylan, and I left the docks in the dark at 4am on Saturday morning and 150 miles/28 hours later arrived in Ventura Harbor.  Welcome to the

South Swells

Been a fun run of South Swell in the water.  Had fun trading off between my fish, mini simmons, and my longboard, all made by friend and shaper Russell Hoyte.