Redefining what it means to be a good surfer

North Northeast

I always looked up to those surfers and skiers who put in that little bit of extra effort.  They were always at the right spot at the right time.  They often drove for longer, walked further, and took risks to score those lesser known and often colder spots we dream of.  They made going to these far out destinations the norm, not the exception, and I highly respect that.

While surfing at home is wonderful, it’s trips, adventures, and taking risks that bring me so much joy and fills my cup.

With that, here are a few outtakes from my recent adventure to the North Northeast, a spot I make an effort to go back to year after year.  Thank you to my amazing friends that reside in this special place and to the strangers I shared waves with and made me feel welcome.

After flying across the country, stealing my Dad’s car, and driving 12 hrs across the border, I made it just in time for Hurricane Sam.  I surfed a few spots in town as the swell rolled in, then ventured outward for the peak of the swell.

It wasn’t all epic hurricane swell.  Most of the trip was small and mellow, which was totally fine.

Me and my quiver after a three session day, one session on each board.

Photos 1 and 2: Joseph Allison (@joseph.allison_)
Photos 4, 5, and 6: Colin Machaffie
Photos 8 and 9: Karl Funk (@funkmasterphoto)
All other photos by me.

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