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40 in Tofino

For so long, our group of friends all lived within close proximity.   It was a special time, and an even more special group of people.  So many great memories and huge life moments witnessed in each other’s lives.  Things like surprise 30th birthdays, early crushes that led to marriage, and the pizza party where we watched in horror and disbelief as Hillary Clinton conceded the 2016 election.  We were the epitome of “young adults” living the good life in Venice.

But, time went by, things began to change, and we all started to disperse.  Scott moved to Ventura and I eventually followed him up while several others moved to the East Side of LA.  Then Covid happened and we dispersed even more.  Scott and his wife moved across the country to Marthas Vineyard, and Gramahm and Raleigh moved up to Washington.  Suddenly, we went from all living together to being in completely different parts of the country.
And thus, what better reason to come together than for Scott’s 40th birthday.  It was the first time we had all been together as a unit (those who could make it) in more than three whole years.   And it was the first time Graham and Raleigh got to meet Finn who was about to turn two.
Despite rain, snow, freezing temps, power outages, road closures, delayed flights, missed flights, lost baggage, missing Christmas, none of this shit matters when you’re with people you love.  Happy 40th, brother!

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