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Eat Pray Love Ski

A few weeks ago I returned from a backcountry ski trip. I felt energized and inspired and set a very clear intention to call in some “big mountain adventures”.

That was Monday, January 30th and I proceeded to apply for an elite level Big Mountain Snow Safety course in Jackson Hole, WY with one of my heroes and world renown skier, climber, and guide, Zahan Billimoria of Samsara Experience.

On Tuesday, January 31st I was accepted into the course with the last of 16 available spots.

And on Wednesday, February 1st I woke up stressed. How was I going to rearrange my work in order to attend the course? Well, 90 minutes later I was let go from my job at Rivian alongside hundreds of my colleagues and the decision was made for me.. I was off to Jackson Hole.

Balancing my professional career with my adventurous/athletic pursuits has always been a tricky and delicate dance. For my entire life, work came before a long period swell or a mid week powder day. But not today. Not right now.

So, while I could focus my energy on finding a new job, I believe the universe is showing me a different path, and I am leaning in. And thus, I rented out my house, packed up my 1985 Volkswagen van, and headed out on some sort of eat pray love ski adventure.

I am nearly three weeks in, and it has already been the most incredible trip of my life. I’m not sure how long this journey will last, or where it will take me, but I am excited to find out.  Here we go!

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